Pay your mortgage using SpeedPay from any account, including accounts at other banks.**

Payments made by 8 p.m. ET are applied to your loan the same day. Payments made after 8 p.m. will be accepted, but will not be applied to your loan until the following business day.

All SpeedPay transactions will require a $7 transaction fee. **Unless payments are made with PNC Bank accounts or are otherwise restricted by state law**

What Is SpeedPay?


SpeedPay is an easy-to-use online payment service that gives you the flexibility to make your monthly mortgage payments on your own terms.  If you don’t want to commit to paying on the same date each month, SpeedPay may be the best option for you.


How much does it cost?

While SpeedPay does allow you flexibility, there is a fee associated with the payment method:


  • $7 - for all SpeedPay payments made.*


If late charges are owed, they will be collected with each payment.


*Fee subject to change without notice.

*Unless payments are made with PNC Bank accounts or are otherwise restricted by state law.


Payments made by 8 pm ET are applied to your loan the same day. Payments made after the designated hours will be accepted, but will not be applied to your loan until the following business day.


How do I get started?

  1. Get your check book and mortgage payment coupon book (you'll need your 10-digit loan number).
  2. Read the "Usage Agreement" thoroughly and click "OK."
  3. Access SpeedPay by entering your 10-digit loan number from your coupon book, and your Social Security number.
  4. Confirm the name of the account holder and enter the following information from your check.


Please do not include the check number when entering your account information, as it will cause your payment to be rejected and will delay the processing of your payment.


Pay Now with Speedpay



Electronic Funds Transfer

Pay your mortgage using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from any account, including accounts at other banks.

Schedule recurring monthly payments with EFT and stop worrying about missing deadlines.


An Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) makes paying your mortgage even easier...

When you sign up for EFT on your PNC Mortgage loan, you'll save time because there are no checks to write, no payments to mail, and no coupon books to manage. And best of all, if you choose to have additional funds applied to the principal balance of your loan each month, you could save thousands in interest expense by paying off your mortgage faster!


Works with most financial institutions

Most financial institutions in the U.S. participate in the automated clearing house system, this allows PNC Mortgage, with your permission, to access your account for a payment each month.


Convenient and worry-free

Because it's automatic, you don't have to do a thing! Each withdrawal appears as a deduction on your financial institution's monthly statement.  We will notify you of your first automated payment date, so be sure to continue making your payments on time until EFT begins.  

PNC Online Banking and Bill Pay

Pay your PNC Mortgage online from your PNC checking account with the click of a mouse.

Return each month to make your payments or set up automated recurring payments for convenience. For more information on how to schedule your bills for payment, click here for PNC's Bill Pay FAQ.


PNC Checking makes your financial life simpler, and our Savings solutions can help you meet your needs and achieve your goals.  Find out which checking or savings account is best suited for your lifestyle and banking needs:


Checking Accounts


Savings Accounts


And if you want take money management to a whole new level, learn more about how Virtual Wallet can help you spend, save and grow your money.


Virtual Wallet


Online & Mobile Banking

Simplify the way you bank with Online Banking.

PNC Online Banking provides you with the tools to take control of your money and to simplify how you manage your finances -- anytime and anywhere. Pay bills, review account activity, transfer money, and more.


Get started now!

PNC Online Banking is free1, secure, and easy to use. Get started now and in just minutes you'll be online managing your finances.


Learn more about how online banking can help you simplify how you manage your finances.


Mobile Banking

Manage your account on the go with PNC Mobile Banking. Check your balance, review recent transactions, pay a bill, and transfer money between your accounts, all from your mobile phone.

Learn More >


Online Bill Pay

Make sure your bills are paid on time every time with PNC Online Bill Pay. Manage all your bills in one place, and pay them all in minutes.  PNC Online Bill Pay puts you in control of your payments.

Learn More >


Transfer Funds

Move money between your PNC accounts to your accounts elsewhere, even send money to friends and family with just their email address or mobile phone number – all from your computer.

Learn More >



PNC Alerts notify you when important events have taken place within your accounts and services. You can receive alerts via email and text messaging, so you’ll always be informed.

Learn More >


Online Statements

Get organized and save paper with online statements from PNC. Enjoy access to statements, checks and deposit images. We organize and store your last 7 years of statements online for you so you can view, print, or save a copy of your statements whenever you need.

Learn more >

Bi-Weekly Payments

Helps you pay off your loan faster and reduce the total interest you will pay on your mortgage.

You’ll make 1/2 of a monthly payment every 2 weeks, for a total of 13 monthly payments per year - instead of 12.


What are bi-weekly payments and how can they benefit me?
The PNC Mortgage Bi-Weekly Payment Program helps you pay off your mortgage faster and reduce interest payments. You’ll make ½ of a monthly payment every 2 weeks, for a total of 13 monthly payments per year – instead of 12. Plus, this “extra” payment will automatically be applied to your principal balance, reducing the total interest you will pay on your mortgage, which will help you payoff your loan faster. The funds from your first ½ payment each month will be held in a non-interest bearing account, and will be applied once a full monthly payment is received.


How much does it cost?
There is no fee to enroll in PNC Bi-Weekly Payments.


How do I get started?
Simply download the Bi-Weekly Payment Program Enrollment guide, then complete and return the enclosed form. This guide also contains more details about the program, including what happens after your enrollment form is submitted.


Enroll now in Bi-Weekly Payments

Mail Your Payment

Paying by Mail

You’ll need to write your loan number on the appropriate documents and mail them.