Submit Your Credit Application


Apply for a home equity line of credit or home equity installment loan application online, by calling 877-535-6319 or by visiting a PNC branch.


The minimum amount of information you should be prepared to answer at the time of application includes:

• Personal Information (Full name, Social Security number, Date of Birth, employment status, income)

• Contact Information (phone, email)

• Property Information (address, property type, estimated property value)

• Requested Loan Amount


Upon submission of your application, PNC will obtain and review your credit history. Approval for credit is contingent upon your credit history and other factors.


Provide Required Documentation


Additional information and other required documentation may be needed to process your credit application. Depending on your individual financial situation, you may be required to provide some or all of the following:

• Tax statements

• Copies of pay stubs

• Financial statements (bank and asset)

• Information on additional properties you may own


Click here for a list of possible documentation, depending on your individual situation.


Documentation, Credit History and Property Valuation Review


We’ll evaluate your credit history, verify your employment, verify your income, and review all supporting documentation submitted.


We’ll verify ownership and complete a valuation of the property being pledged as collateral by ordering an appraisal product from an independent service provider, who will always inspect and photograph the property’s exterior. In some cases, this independent service provider may call you to setup a time to inspect both the property’s interior and exterior.


A review of all information will enable us to determine that you meet the qualifications for the credit product for which you applied.


Final Credit Decision


If your request for credit is approved, we will communicate the final approval or a counter-offer to you, detailing any closing stipulations. For example, updating the declaration page of the Homeowner’s Insurance Policy listing PNC Bank, NA as loss payee is required. We’ll then schedule a closing date and verify the amount(s) to be disbursed, if applicable, including the amount(s) of any required payoffs.


If we are unable to approve your request for credit, you will receive a communication indicating the reasons for the decline.


Loan Closing and Disbursement of Funds


At closing we will require two forms of identification; one must be a valid photo ID. After reviewing the terms and conditions of your line of credit or installment loan, you will be asked to acknowledge and accept those terms and conditions by signing loan documents.


When using a primary residence as collateral, a three business day right to cancel (“rescission”) period is required by law to allow applicants the opportunity to cancel their home equity line of credit or home equity installment loan application.


Once your right to cancel period has expired, the funds from your home equity line of credit will be available or the funds from your home equity installment loan will be disbursed.